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IndexRusher - A tool that helps to get a website indexed by Google much faster. Google searchability & SEO tool to grow Google search ranking and site rank.

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  • Life Time Deal

    ✔ Max 5 unique domains *
    ✔ Total 1000 URLs per domain
    ✔ Full autopilot, runs every day
    ✔ Alerts for 404 pages
    ✔ Daily reports for indexed pages
    ✔ Up to 200 URLs per day

    ✔ Max 10 unique domains *
    ✔ Total 10000 URLs per domain
    ✔ Full autopilot, runs every day
    ✔ Alerts for 404 pages
    ✔ Daily reports for indexed pages
    ✔ Up to 200 URLs per day
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    If you don't fit in startup plan, feel free to reach out to me and we figure out the solution.

Website Page Indexing FAQ

Why Pages Aren’t Indexed: Fix Search Console Errors

SEO experts will explain that a page not being indexed by Google isn't always problematic. Reasons for pages going unindexed can include poor content quality, duplicate content, blocked pages due to technical problems, or specified reasons like sensitive information protection.

Google Search Console report

To find out why your page isn’t being indexed, use your Google Search Console report which offers insights into potential solutions. Remember, some warnings might not require any action—are you sure the search engine should be scanning every single part of your website?


Googlebot crawls and indexes web pages based on their relevance and quality—considering factors like content quality, schema markup value and link popularity. The most relevant results appear first in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Common causes of indexing issues

Some common causes of indexing issues include duplicated content without a suitable canonical tag or restricted access due to server errors. Poorly optimized as well as thin "empty" content may also dissuade Google from indexing certain parts of your site.

Index Coverage Report

Your Index Coverage Report available through GSC (Google Search Console) provides useful data about how different aspects of your site are performing in terms of SERPs.

The URL Inspection Tool 

The URL Inspection Tool lets you view details regarding specific webpage’s current census standing with Google and is particularly helpful when trying to uncover reasons behind missing indexation.

Finally make sense of puzzling 5xx Server error occurrences that mean something went significantly wrong during an attempted crawl over to simply exploring intelligible redirect warnings that foretell bad user experience culminating from unsatisfactory navigation due to too many redirects intended for similar destinations while ensuring users still find desired resources—in all these endeavors understanding console warnings proves invaluable whenever resolving prevalent SEO difficulties hovers tantalizingly nearby just within reach after accurate problem assessment becomes swiftly possible courtesy our robust troubleshooting toolkit already built right inside enabling proactive issue handling instead reactive clamoring amidst uncertainty thus seamlessly articulating what was once opaque into cogent tangible solution paths empowering developers universally whether they belong Open Source Corporation monoliths willingly receive clear unambiguous guidance might never have thought they'd need or welcome before today.

Get Your Website Seen: A Crash Course on SEO Indexing

Want your website to shine on Google? Mastering SEO indexing is key! Here's the lowdown:

Google Loves Indexed Pages.

Think of Google's index as a giant library. Only indexed pages can be found in search results.

Boost Your Visibility.

SEO indexing helps search engines see your website, potentially boosting your traffic and ranking.

Crawling is Key.

Google bots crawl your website, following links and checking content. Make sure your site is crawlable and mobile-friendly!

Backlinks Give You a Push

Quality backlinks from other websites act like votes of confidence for Google, potentially influencing indexing.

Not Indexed? Don't Panic

Sometimes pages aren't indexed. Check Google Search Console for reasons like blocked robots or slow site speed.

Tools and Tricks

Tools like GSC and backlink indexers (such as can help you m onitor indexing and build backlinks, but use them responsibly. 

Remember: SEO indexing is ongoing. Keep optimizing your website, building backlinks, and monitoring your progress.

By understanding these basics, you can unlock the power of SEO indexing and get your website noticed!

SEO Indexing Wiki

Page Speed Index

  • Page Speed Index (PSI) is a measurement of how quickly the content of a page loads.
  • Google considers PSI when ranking pages, as faster loading times lead to a better user experience.
  • Optimize your website's loading speed to improve PSI and potentially boost SEO performance.

Robots Meta Tag

  • The robots meta tag is a code snippet placed in a web page's HTML that tells search engine bots how to crawl and index the page.
  • Use it to control which pages are indexed and which are not, as well as whether to follow links on those pages.
  • Common values include "index, follow" (default), "noindex, follow", and "noindex, nofollow".

Google Site Index

  • The Google Site Index is the database of all the web pages that Google has discovered and indexed.
  • Check how many of your pages are indexed in Google Search Console to understand your website's visibility in search results.

GSA SEO Indexer

  • GSA SEO Indexer is a software tool designed to automate backlink building and potentially accelerate the indexing process.
  • Use such tools with caution and adhere to ethical SEO practices to avoid penalties.

Crawl Google

  • "Crawl Google" refers to the process by which Google bots discover and scan new and updated web pages.
  • Optimize your website's structure and technical aspects to ensure it's easily crawlable by bots.

Indexed by Google

  • A page is considered "indexed by Google" when it has been added to Google's index and is eligible to appear in search results.
  • Submitting a sitemap to Google Search Console and building backlinks can encourage indexing.

Website Speed Index

  • Website Speed Index is a metric that measures the overall loading speed of a website, taking into account multiple pages.
  • Improve your website's speed to enhance user experience and potentially boost SEO performance.

No Index No Follow

  • "No index, no follow" is a robots meta tag value that instructs search engines not to index a page and not to follow any links on that page.
  • Use it for pages you don't want to appear in search results or pass link authority to.

Google Crawl My Website

  • Use tools like Google Search Console to request Google to crawl your website and potentially discover new or updated pages.
  • Ensure your website is crawlable and free of technical issues to facilitate the crawling process.

Semrush Visibility Index

  • Semrush Visibility Index is a metric that estimates a website's overall organic search visibility across various keywords and regions.
  • Track this metric to monitor your website's SEO performance over time.

Google Search Console Indexing

  • Google Search Console offers valuable insights into your website's indexing status, including indexed pages, crawl errors, and indexing requests.
  • Utilize this tool to diagnose and address indexing issues.

Not Indexed Pages

  • "Not indexed pages" are those that Google has discovered but not added to its index, meaning they won't appear in search results.
  • Identify and address potential causes for non-indexation, such as technical issues, content quality, or blocked robots.
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